Wednesday 22 January 2014

Truffle Hunter

The United Kingdom over the last couple of months has had an absolute battering with storms and floods. If you live in the UK like myself you are probably well and truly fed up with the rain and wet weather. 

But there is something that thrives in the damp autumnal weather here in Britain. What I hear you ask?

Truffles absolutely love the British damp climate, their season being between October - January. I have often enjoyed black truffle delicately added to wonderfully cooked meals in restaurants. 

Using truffle at home has always been something that has slightly frightened me as a cook. No let me correct that has terrified me, why mainly because of the cost and the real potential of ruining such an expensive ingredient. 

Truffle Hunter

When I stumbled across Truffle Hunter and their Truffle oils I have to say I thought what a brilliant alternative and was really excited to give it a go. Baby steps after all. 

Their truffle oil comes in two varieties Black Truffle oil (Tuber Melanosporum) super concentrated 100mls £10.85. 

Black Truffle Oil

The oil has a generous addition of real black truffle, so far I have used my oil to create a porcini mushroom sauce for pasta and scallops with spring onion and truffle oil. Both meals were absolutely delicious. The oil has a deep, earthy taste of strong mushroom. I am looking forward to seeing what else I can create with it. Any suggestions?

I have also purchased a bottle of White Truffle Oil (Tuber Magnatum) super concentrated 100mls £10.95 but haven't yet given this a go. When I do I will share some of the creations I make. 

White Truffle Oil

Tempted to have a go at some of your own creations? Check out Truffle Hunters Truffle oil recipes. You really can make some wonderfully delicious meals with these beauties and the best bit they don't cost the earth. Pardon the pun. 

Fancy having a go at cooking with your own truffle oil check out the sites below. 

The Truffle Hunter  @TruffleHunterUK
The Truffle and Mushroom Hunter  
The English Truffle Company 

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  1. Is it bad that we have never heard or used this? It sounds great though; thanks for sharing. We're going to check it out :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thanks for your comment, I have tasted truffles but like you didn't know you could get truffle oil. But the truffle oil is a brilliant alternative. With your new vegetable plot you could rustle up some wonderful treats Lucy x

    2. You're right; we like the sound of that. We'll be staying tuned to your blog for some help & tips on creating some delicious sauces :-)

      x Roch & Tash x

  2. I LOVE truffle oil! I make a mean truffle risotto with wild mushrooms. It's definitely an acquired taste though, I once made a little girl cry because she didn't like it but was embarrassed and didn't want to have to eat it.... :s