Tuesday 31 December 2019

Trinny London Makeup

Trinny London Makeup
Since having a baby my self-confidence has taken a dip. What used to be a well thought out outfit with jewellery and accessories has now become a uniform of jeggings, a shirt, and Chelsea boots. Where I used to have time to put on makeup, play with my hair I now have a small person to care for and entertain.  
Post Baby Fashion
I hide from mirrors, cameras and generally, dislike the way that I now look. I'm not unique many friends who have had babies have gone through the same thing, what was once a clear and defined knowledge of what they looked good in goes out the window to what can I breastfeed in, what is clean, what hides a still very much post-pregnancy tummy.  

Over time this harms your confidence, how you view yourself and any recollection of what was your true sense of self and style has long since passed. 

Self love
In the interest of being a loving and supportive partner, my other half staged a mini-intervention and booked me a visit to Trinny London, who have launched a makeup brand and offer professional makeup sessions for £45. 

Growing up I used to love watching Trinny on a tv programme calleWhat Not to Wear, where she would whip women into shape and help them find the most flattering styles. Trinny now does similar via her Instagram account, often set in her bathroom with special guests,  if you haven't checked it out its fab at sharing musings about the latest fashion trends, beauty and wardrobe secrets. Her bathroom has an enviable makeup collection with 97 draws crammed with makeup which is quite the stash to behold.     

So off I went to South Kensington, where hidden down an Instagramable side street is Trinny London. 
Trinny London
Knocking on the door I was a little nervous about what to expect but the nerves soon dwindled when an exuberant Trinny appeared, busily flitting from one room to the next talking as she went. What you see on her channel is exactly what she is like in real life, wild excitement and chatting a million miles to the dozen. 

In the upstairs studio, I was introduced to the makeup team who quickly asked me several questions about my skin type, the colours I like wearing and products that I love. Once that was out of the way the makeup artist set to work applying Trinny makeup to match my skin. 

The first thing to say is that the products come in lovely packaging and are stackable.  
Trinny Makeup
Trinny London Makeup
Trinny London Makeup
The makeup range has been created specifically to be applied using your fingers, which is music to my ears.  Not having to be reliant on brushes to apply the makeup means that all the products can be applied anywhere and makes them perfect for travelling. 
Trinny London
The products are creamy in consistency which means applying and layering the eyeshadows up is also really easy. 

So what products have I repurchased, the BFF Skin Perfector is an absolute favourite, this has to be the easiest makeup I have ever purchased. It is so easy to apply that the hassle of using it has been entirely taken out, with built-in sun protection, its lightweight, moisturising and liberates dehydrated skin to make it look healthy and glowy.   
BFF Cream
I've also enjoyed wearing Lip Luxe in the shade of Eugenie, which again is a low maintenance lipstick. As it's in a pot it can travel anywhere and the fact you can use your fingers means that a mirror is not necessary. 
Lip Luxe Eugenie

A dusky pink nude is perfect for everyday use as it's subtle in colour. It lovely and moisturising and has a high pigment so a little goes a long way and a jar can easily last a good few months.  

So here's the finished look:
I had a really lovely time and the intervention certainly helped to make me feel a bit better. What I have learnt to appreciate is that a positive attitude plays an important part in how you feel about yourself. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020. 

Have you tried any of the Trinny makeup? Any good suggestions to get yourself out of a rut, share with me in the comments below.  


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