Monday 26 February 2018

The realities of early parenthood

Parenting Tips
When you first have a baby you are absolutely overwhelmed; the emotion of having a little person that is solely dependent on you and the physical act of looking after a baby, is both physically and emotionally taxing.You are constantly balancing everything. 
Parenting tips
It takes a good few months for your life to have any resemblance of an equilibrium. Well to be honest it took us a whole year and even now I'm not sure we've mastered it. Life is fundamentally different and whilst I wouldn't change it for all the world, it can be hard being a parent. If you are expecting a baby or have just had a baby, make sure you check out my tips for the first six weeks here

So what have I learnt being a parent?

1.A baby makes you appreciate time, I have become more than ever aware of how precious life is. Don't wish it all away as you will unbelievably want it all back again: the sick, the poop and the sleepless nights. 

2.So much happens from the moment a baby is born that you find yourself recording their every moment and developmental success. Time to increase your cloud storage. 
Parenting Tips
3.Parenthood is a full time job. There are no rest days, so take any help where it is offered. Making time for yourself it's important, it will keep you sane and also make you feel like your old self. 

4.Even when your not with your baby, you will be thinking about them. Your child will fill your every waking hour. 

5. Parent guilt is real, you will always feel like you are not doing a good enough job and should be doing something elseYou will analyse, criticise and feel like everyone else is doing a better job than you. Stop fretting! 

6.Babies constantly change; as soon as you have mastered one stage, they change and you find yourself having to master another. Anyone who pretends they have it mastered hasn’t really. 

7.You need a routine. A routine means a life, find what works for you and stick to it. Absolutely don't deviate from the routine. 

Parenting Tips
8.Everyone will offer you advice: breastfeeding, cosleeping, cry it out method, discipline, potty training. Just because they offer it doesn’t mean you have to take it. Just smile sweetly and say thank you. Do what works for you. 

9.Leave all your ideals behind, you will do all the things that you think you wont. You will let your child watch TV for just ten minutes of peace and give in to your child whims just so they don't cause a scene.  

10.Anyone who has a child over three take their advice with caution, they have long since forgotten what it's like to have a small baby.

Just because life feels like it's running at super speed doesn’t mean you have too, there is something about enjoying the moment. The washing can wait!

12.Going to the toilet on your own is no longer a one person pursuit. Surprisingly you will be OK with this. 

13.Eating a meal warm is a thing of the past. Accept it and move on. 

14.Coffee and cake will be your new best friends. 
Parenting Tips
15.Supermarkets hold a new found appeal that they didn't previously.  

16.Stop Googling about your child, nothing good can come of your search. If you want information or are worried about something, ask the health visitor or GP.

17.You will do absolutely anything to make your child smile even if you look like a crazy person. 

18.You will love your child more that you have ever loved anything in your whole life and they will be by far the best thing you have ever achieved. That is until they reach their teenage years. 

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