Friday 29 August 2014

Eos hand lotion - Berry Blossom

Eos hand lotion
When it comes to my hands, I can't really say that I look after them. I can often be found in a bucket of cleaning product or with paint all over my hands. I don't wear gloves to do any of these tasks and as a consequence I have rather tired and sorry for themselves looking hands. 

When Eos released their circular lip balm many bloggers got really excited and shared how wonderful they were. On this recommendation I purchased a lemon drop lip balm but I certainly didn't love it. You can see my review here.
Eos lip balm
I since have discovered this has more to do with the flavour I picked, others are lovely especially sweet mint.

So when Shiny from Bright Shiny Day suggested trying their hand lotion, I thought well let's give it a go.

I opted for Berry Blossom

Eos Berry Blossom
A few things to share, the smell on applying the hand cream is lovely, it has the right balance of a refreshing berry scent which is floral. A little goes a long way and unlike other hand creams there is no sticky residue left once applied. 
Eos hand lotion
The lotion though is not creamy, it is more liquid in consistently which makes it absorb quickly. There is no greasy residue, but it does leave your hands feeling fully softened and moisturised. 

It is a perfect size for a handbag, travelling or on the desk at work. It is paraben, animal and cruelty free. 

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Monday 25 August 2014

Molami luxury Headphones

Stylish headphones
I have a love hate relationship with flying. I love the end destination, but the getting there part I hate. It hasn't always been the case, believe it or not I used to love flying. I loved the peace and quiet, being locked away where there are no phones or Internet connection and the pure relaxation time with no distractions. 
But after two awful flights, well the love has turned to hate. Yes it may well be irrational but there you have it. 

So when a friend suggested packing good quality headphones to drown out the sound of the planes engines. I thought well anything is worth a try. 

I am a fashionable woman however and massive ugly headphones aren't my bag. I normally wear inner ear headphones that are discrete, but these can be uncomfortable after a little bit of usage.  

I love design. Molami headphones are effortlessly stylish without compromising on the audio quality. For a while I had been eyeing up Molami headphones and was lucky enough to get a pair of Pleat headphones for my birthday. 
Molami headphones
Molami Headphones
Pleat are over-ear headphones which are gold and black and encased in napa leather. 
stylish headphones

They have been designed to frame your face, they are really comfortable and the audio quality is superb.
Molami headphones
Molami Headphones

The headphones fold up and rotate allowing for a comfortable wear and when done you can safely store them away. They have a pleated fabric cord which means no more tangled cords. 
Molami headphones

The headphones come with noise isolation which allowed me to focus on my music and tv shows without hearing the planes engines. 

What more could you want, stylish headphones designed by women for women, that have brilliant sound quality. Sound with style. 

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Friday 22 August 2014

Zakynthos Greece

Zante Greece
Kalispera (Good evening)

Did you miss me? For the last ten days I have been in Zakynthos in Greece. To be honest you probably didn't even notice I was gone, I've been writing my posts out in beautiful Greece.

Life recently has been a little hectic to say the least, so I really needed a break to recharge the old batteries.

The Villa I was staying in was set in beautiful Romiri.
Set high up in the mountains with wonderful views. 
Zante Greece
Peace, relaxation and a menagerie of animals.
This place has animals in abundance. I have had this little gecko jump on my back whilst in the pool. 
I am clearly easily mistaken for a rock.

We have rescued a bat in the pool. Look so cute. 

I am pleased to report he survived despite taking in a phenomenal amount of water. A tough little blighter.

Swallows have regularly taken an afternoon dip in our pool and the butterfly's have flown around the plants that surround the pool so beautiful.

For those of you who haven't visited Greece, it has 15,021 Kms of mythical coast line.

6,000 mythical islands and islets

2,844 hours a year of sunshine. The weather has been glorious. It has consisted of a morning swim, lunch by the pool, an afternoon read or outside adventure and another evening swim. Perfect.

Afternoon adventures have existed of visiting beautiful coastlines with clear turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs. 

Zante is the most important breeding ground for loggerhead turtles which breed here. 
loggerhead turtle
Oh and the food. I have eaten so much fresh salad and fish.
Zante restaurants
 Oh and a few naughties too. 
Ice cream
Zante restaurants
I flew home today. When I left England it was definitely Summer but it feels as though the change in season has happened whilst I was away and we are most definitely in Autumn. It is a little bit nippy.

Well I am pooped from all this travelling. 

Wishing you all a nice weekend. Any nice plans? 

Antio (bye bye)

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Monday 18 August 2014

Bubble T Bath and Body

Bubble Cosmetic
The British love their tea, we simply cannot get enough of it. At Foodieforce towers it's not uncommon for me to consume six to eight cups of tea a day. My absolute favourite being Earl Grey, but I am not a quintessential Brit, taking mine with milk rather than a slice of lemon. 

So when I spotted a new cosmetic range dedicated to my favourite drink, I just had to give them a go. Bubble T bath and body products are rich tea based infusions, mixed with fruit essence and extracts. They use antioxidant technology.  

The range of products are split into three benefits:
Bubble T
After a busy few months at work, I am in need of restoring and recharging the batteries so opted for Hibiscus and acai berry tea - fizzy bath bombs £6. 
bath bombs
I really love bath bombs, to relax and unwind with. 
bath bombs

Dropping two bombs under running water my bath is infused with:
Bath bombs
Wild strawberry helps to relieve insomnia. 

bath bombs
The Hibiscus flower known as the 'Botox plant' holds rejuvenating properties for the skin, including the ability to firm and lift.
bath bombs
Acai berries help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles which form when the skin loses elasticity. 

Stepping in for twenty minutes I slowly brew myself, leaving me with a cleared mind and hydrated skin

All products are parabensSLA and SLES free meaning they are kind too sensitive skin. They also don't test any of their products on animals. 

I really love the new Bubble T cosmetics, ranging in price from £5 - £10 they are affordable and smell fantastic. Next on the list to try is the Moroccan 

What product would you go for? Do you have a favourite go to bath and beauty product?

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Friday 15 August 2014

Borough Market

Borough Market London
Foodies love nothing more than visiting places that are entirely dedicated to food. London has some wonderful food markets. 
Borough Market
Borough Market near London Bridge, is one of London's oldest and most renowned food markets. 
London Bridge
Borough Market

It is a personal favourite of mine because, it is where people who love making food, as well as eating and drinking all congregate.  
Borough Market
If you are visiting London you really must take a visit. It has some superb stalls selling seasonal produce and on site there are some brilliant 
Borough Market
Borough Market
Borough Market
Borough Market
Make sure you arrive hungry though, as there is lots to taste and consume. 
Borough Market
Borough Market
Borough Market
Borough Market

Some highlights:
1. Monmouth Coffee Company: Brilliant coffee, delivered fresh everyday from their roasting site in Bermondsey. 
Good coffee
The best bit the coffee is ethically sourced.

2. Kappcasein: The best Raclettes and cheese sandwiches you are ever likely to have.  

3. Brindisa: the queue for this place is for a reason, delicious chorizo, rocket and red pepper in a roll. It is worth the wait trust me. 

4. Cool Chile Co: Dried Chillies imported directly from Mexico. If you like your food with a bit of a kick this is the place for you.


5. Chez Michele: Flower shop 
flower shop London Bridge
6. Southwark Cathedral:
Southwark Cathedral

Top tip, arrive early before the crowds and don't eat before you come so you can make the most of the food and tastings on offer. Using the interactive map here you can see what the market has on offer.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Open for lunch:
Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

Full Market:
Wednesday-Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday's 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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