Tuesday 28 January 2014

Flower Bomb - Viktor and Rolf

I enjoy wearing perfumes and am a great believer that different smells can change your mood and the way you feel. 

When I find a perfume I like, I generally stick with it. My preferred perfume tones are those with a citrus or flowery huge. 

You already know that I love Jo Malone, their Lime Basil and Mandarin perfume being my absolute favourite. But a girl needs an everyday perfume, and my perfume of choice has to be Stella McCartney (Stella and Lily to be exact) both are lovely perfumes that use flowers to create their wonder aroma. 

Lily has a fresh, lily of the valley smell and Stella uses roses, peony and mandarin essences. In Winter both perfumes remind me that Spring is not too far away. 
Lily Stella McCartney

The packaging for both perfumes and the design of the Stella perfume bottles are beautiful. You can tell that an iconic fashion designer had a hand in creating them. 

Lily however has a bit of a fault in which you can never get about 5mls of the perfume out of the end of the bottle. This has happened with every bottle I have had. It drives me up the wall. But the smell I love too much to give it up.  

Lily Stella McCartney

I have gone through bottles and bottles of both perfumes and still very much love the way they make me feel when I have them on.  

But every girl needs a change, and when I smelt Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf, lets just say it was an instant match made in heaven. 

Flower Bomb

The smell well if you could bottle happiness it would smell like this. 

Flower Bomb

It has some of my favourite flowers in it freesia, rose and orchid. The smell of orange bergamot is wonderful. The bottle make me chuckle each time I pick it up. Why? Well it smells really feminine but the bottle looks like a grenade. Someone I think had their tongue-in-cheek when designing it. 

Flower Bomb

What are your favourite perfumes? 



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  1. We want a bottle of that happiness :-) We've never worn this scent before! The bottle design is quite questionable...grenade style however pink & feminine product? We like the quirkiness.

    We do have a few favourites but the one we always go back to is Nina Ricci; it's quite strong but it lasts much longer than any other perfume we wear.

    x Roch & Tash x

  2. I wear the same perfume too, I usually wear Kenzo Flower in summer and Hugo Boss deep red too.

    I've never seen these before, but next time I go to boots I'll have a sniff!

    Corinne x