Friday 10 January 2014

Eve Lom - Kiss mix lip balm

The packaging for the Eve Lom Kiss Mix star is lovely. 

In winter I don't know about you but my lips get very dry. If not given some TLC they crack and become very sore. 

I have tried lots of lip balms, but my absolute firm favourites are the Blistex Relief Cream, Burt's Bees and Garnier Ambre Solaire Nourishing Lip Protection Stick. 

I was looking forward to trying Kiss Mix, to see if it could be a new firm favourite. 

The first thing that I notice on using it is the wonderful minty smell it reminds me in this respect to Blistex relief cream. The balm is easy to put on, I am pleased that it has more of a Vaseline texture rather than a waxy consistency. 

As someone who is allergic to sunlight the Zinc Oxide doesn't only calm my lips but also has a natural sunscreen which is brilliant. This would only be suitable protection for me in Winter, Summer I would need a higher sun protection factor (spf). 

It softens my lips and has a nice glossy sheen so adding on top of lipstick is lovely before a night out. It gives a nude glossy look. It can also be added as a base before you put lipstick on to give your lips a good moisturise and shine. 

I would use the Kiss Mix as part of my make up routine as a gloss rather than a lip balm. It is the perfect size for my handbag and leaves a lovely natural shine to my lips. 

I personally wouldn't use this as an everyday lip balm first because of how much it costs and in my mind there are better cheaper alternatives. Secondly I also found with continuous use it began to dry my lips. I am also not sure how hygienic it is to continuously dip your finger in the same pot. 

With over twenty five years expertise in the skincare business I am excited to try some of the other Eve Lom products. I have been using their Age Defying Smoothing Treatment for a while now and these little capsules are like liquid gold. My skin after using is so soft and what I like is there is no shineiness or greasiness.
The moisturiser with 15 spf is next on the wish list which could be a nice alternative to having to additional use sunscreen in Winter.  

Kiss mix can be purchased in loads of different place but buying direct is easy.


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