Monday 29 January 2018

Give your nails some TLC

How to strengthen weak nails
I’ve never really looked after my nails. For the first seventeen years of my life, I was an avid nail-biter. I was that person who when I got nervous or anxious would be found nibbling my nails. 

I was incredibly ashamed of my half chewed nails, mostly because of the reaction and constant telling off that friends and family gave me. 

I used to look at people with their beautifully manicured nails and feel a pang of disappointment. Part of me wondered if I would ever have nice enough nails, that I could wear nail varnish. 

The good news is somehow I managed to stop and  you would never know now that I was ever a nail-biter. I managed to strengthen my nails using the following tips.

How to strengthen weak nails:

1. Be kind to your hands as we put our hands through a lot. Regular washing, using cleaning products without gloves and doing outside activities can all dry our hands and nails out. Use a moisturising hand cream regularly. I love applying a good coating at night.
2.Regularly cut your nails to strengthen them up. 
Keep them short until they gain strength they are also easier to manage. If you have just started growing your nails an oval shape works best. Less temptation to bite them.
3.Have a emery board and nail cutters in your bag so that if you get a broken nail your not tempted to bite it off. When filing your nails use one sweeping motion don't go back and forth as this weakens your nails.  
4.Use a base coat and top coat when painting your nails so as to protect your nail. 
5.Don’t forget to look after your cuticles: Don't cut your cuticles, either push them down or use a cuticle remover instead. For the best result soften your cuticles with cuticle oil. 

Nail Varnishes I'm loving:
For Christmas I was treated to some new Nails inc. nail varnishes: Wishes & Kisses Nail Polish gift set. It's currently reduced on the Nails Inc website to £14.50.
Nail varnish
The first thing to say is that the packaging for this gift set is so pretty. The pack contains four full size nail varnishes (14ml), which is brilliant value given that one nail varnish costs £15. It offers a really lovely mix of colours perfect for both day time and adding some sparkle to a night out. 
Nail Varnish
Status Ready: I'm a creature of routine and if there is a go to nail varnish colour for me it would have to be red. 
Nail Varnish
I love having a pedicure and manicure before a holiday and red is most definitely the colour of choice. Status Ready is a striking and vibrant red with a lovely glossy finish. 

Applying a base coat, the nail varnish requires two coats to get an even finish. After a week of wear I was surprised at how well it lasted.  I will most definitely be picking up another one of these when it runs out. 
Life Hack:Now if I had seen this colour in a shop I have to be honest it wouldn't have been a colour of choice. But that's the wonderful thing about gift sets it forces you to try new things. 
Nails Inc
Life Hack is a perky peach and perfect for summer, and a lovely change to my go to red. 
Nail Varnish
Glow on & Get It: Again this is not a colour I would have picked up but I love it. 
Nail Varnish
The nail-varnish has a chrome and pearl tone to it almost reminiscent of petrol marbling.    
Nail Varnish
One thing to note it did require an additional coat (three) to get a consistent colour.

Belsize Road: Everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their lives.
Nail Varnish
This beauty is a perfect addition to top off the nail-varnishes, helping to add some sparkle or perfect on its own. 

Stuck for time or fancy a treat, Nails inc also have nail bars throughout the UK who can do manicures and pedicures.

What's your favourite nail tip or nail polish? Share in the comments below. 

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  1. I've never looked after mine either. I don't bite them, I ijust let them grow until they snap haha. I like nail varnish but then can never be bothered to take it off so I just end up looking scruffy!

    Corinne x

    1. I am the same it gets left grows up and then chips and looks an awful messLucy x

  2. My nails are in a bit of a state - lots of travel and not enough time spent looking after them! I love the Belsize Road nail varnish!

    1. It’s a great colour to add some sparkle Lucy x