Friday 19 January 2018

De Mamiel

De Mamiel
I haven’t really tried any new beauty products in a while, partly as I’ve been trying to finish up products that I had squirrelled away. I’ve done really well in using up loads of older products, so I treated myself to something new.

The de Mamiel collection is made by Annee and to be honest without knowing it when purchasing, it’s a product and company close to my heart. 

The products were created when Annee was going through chemo and radiotherapy. Annee built de Mamiel out of a personal need to create a product that was moisturising, nourishing and perfect for sensitive skin at the same time. 

De Mamiel do loads of great products, but the Long Weekender (£80) set seemed the perfect way to try out the brand and experience the best of their products. 

De Mamiel
I travel regularly and beauty products can take up loads of room and to be honest lots of my favourites just get left behind due to not having enough space.The weekender also has the perfect travel sized products that I can grab and run with, ideal for hand luggage.
De Mamiel
The products come in a lovely makeup bag which you can have personalised. Sadly I missed this entirely when buying. 

De Mamiel
On the purchase you just have to note what you want embroidered in the comments section. Perfect as a present for someone or a special occasion.

So what do you get?

Until I started using cleansing balms I used to think they were massively over hyped. But having seen great improvements in my skins appearance, I’m pleased to admit I was wrong. It’s the easy and lazy way of doing skin care. 

Taking a pea sized amount of this little beauty, massage between palms and apply to face. You then take it off with the lovely soft cleansing cloth included.
Organic skincare

Organic Skincare
It smells divine of rose, geranium and lemon some of my favourite scents. If you can imagine the most luxurious spa, with low set lighting, burning candles and the gentle aroma of oil, this is that feeling in a jar. 

I love that it removes dead skin and the texture of my skin after applying feels really clean, smooth and wonderfully moisturised. I will definitely be repurchasing this even though it's expensive as a full sized product. Given the size of the jar and the amount you use each time, it would last for ages. 

The Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF30 5ml:
I have incredibly dry skin, mixed with this I burn easily, so I like to use a moisturiser that has sun protection built in. The Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF30 is perfect for me, not only is it moisturising but also has a built in SPF. 

The product does say that it has anti pollution properties and whilst I wouldn't buy it for this reason, living in London it is a great addition. The oil does have some skin coverage but it is not equivalent to using foundation, which for me is a big plus. I've been using it for a while and haven't even made a dent in it; the product just keeps going, great value for money. 

Organic Skincare
This product has some amazing ingredients, rapeseed, ylang ylang, Beaumont, wild rose, jasmine, lavender and frankincense. But for me it probably was the most underwhelming of the four products. It definitely gave my skin a moisturiser boost but I'm not sure I noticed enough difference that I would repurchase again at the larger size. 

Organic skincare
This beauty is best used straight out of the bath or shower. A little goes an incredibly long way. It has a small amount of shimmer and definitely perks up the appearance of my skin. I did notice a reduction in my Keratosis Pilaris, the small bumps you can get at the tops of your arms. Which appears to be due to the plant oils that the product contains: argan, nut oil, sandal wood and prickly pear which are naturally high in vitamin e and antioxidants. 

Again the product smells divine with lemon and orange scents. 

Overall a great new brand that uses high quality ingredients and I've definitely found some new favourites that I will be repurchasing at the larger size, once I've saved some pennies up.

Have you tried any new skincare products recently that you would recommend?

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  1. I've heard about her products but not tried them yet - the cleansing balm in particular sounds great

  2. You definitely need to give them a go the cleansing balm is brilliant Lucy x

  3. It sounds like it smells lovely! I love circus scents.

    Corinne x

    1. Definitely has wonderful ingredients in it and smells divine Lucy x