Wednesday 19 March 2014

eos - organic lip balm

eos lip balm
I use a lip balm everyday and I have tried many over the years. As someone who is allergic to sunlight having a lip balm with an automatic SPF in summer is a must, very few have any sun protection. So when a new one comes out that does I am excited to try it. 

Eos lip balms come in eight exciting flavours (Blueberry, strawberry, pomegranate, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle, tangerine and lemon). 

The packaging and design of Eos has a twist on any current lip balms, coming in a sphere shape and with a rounded lip balm. 

Eos lip balm

eos Lemon Drop lip balm

When I spotted Eos Lemon Drop lip balm in the range which comes with a built in SPF 15 I had to try it. 

The balm is bursting with a zesty lemon flavour, is packed with vitamin E and has a natural conditioning through shea butter and jojoba oils to keep your lips moist. 

It sounds as though it should be amazing, sadly whilst it made my lips feel smooth, it never really moisturised and nourished them in the way I would expect given the ingredients. The lemon balm also has a fake smell of lemons when applied that shatters the illusion of a lemon grove in Seville.  

Have you tried any of the Eos lip balms? What are your favourite lip balms?

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  1. Sadly, I am not a fan of the EOS balms either. I adore the packaging, but I find them lacking in the moisture department. My go to fave is Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness hydrating lip care. It has SPF 10. It comes in a light blue tube. I don't know if you can get Nivea there? They also make a Touch of Shimmer balm with SPF 10 that is a soft shimmer pink that smells heavenly!

  2. Your right the packaging looks brilliant, I will try a few others to see if they are also the same. Nivea we have here but because of the SPF need I have never considered, but great news that they do one with sun protection and shimmer. I love elf lip balm which has some SPF but not really enough x

  3. These look really great, it's a pity about all the cons though because they look fun.

    Corinne x

  4. I have a couple of these lying around. I'll admit, I got it for the novelty. There's something fun about whipping out a egg like lip balm and putting it on. They weren't moisturizing at all for me. However, the EOS hand lotion is incredible. I bought that expecting it to be like the lip balm, but it was really good (I got the cucumber scented one).

    1. It was the design too that caught my eye it is really beautiful. I love hand cream so I will definitely have to try one out good to know that it is a good product Lucy

  5. We love reading your posts - you always find such exciting products :-) We want one just for the packaging alone! Great range of different flavours...pomegranate, and sweet mint would love to try these. Such a shame with the results but even though it has SPF keeping your lips moisturised is so important. Thanks for sharing, think we still want to have a cheeky little try of one :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I definitely will try a few more before I make my mind up. Next I am going up try the hand creams which apparently are must better. Hope you are having a good week x