Monday 10 March 2014

Champagne and Fromage

I love cheese and even more than that I love bubbles (both of the champagne and bath variety). 

So when I got the chance to go to Champagne and Fromage a bistro in Covent Garden that does both cheese and champagne I was really looking forward to it. What better way to spend a Monday evening after work than eating cheese and supping champagne. 

Champagne and Cheese
The shop from the outside looks unassuming but looks can be deceiving inside is a shop that reminds me of a true French fromagerie. If you are visiting London this really is a must. 

Champagne and Fromage

The shop sells over 25 award winning Champagnes, so what better way to start our evening than sampling some. 


We opt for a bottle of Champagne Philippe Dechelle Brut, which has 33% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir and 34% Pinot Memier. But the Bistro also sells Champagne by the glass at £9 - £18.

The bistro has lots of lovely food on offer (menu) from cheese, charcuteries, tartinnes, salads, Foie Gras, snails and baked cheese.  

For us the choice was easy we opted for cheese and cured meat boards (£8 each). 


The shop offers over 30 soft and hard cheeses. For us the selection was easy we opt for Roquefort and Brie. 

Roquefort Cheese


The Corsican cured meats are a delicious accompaniment to the cheese. 

Cured meats

If you are looking for a hidden gem in the heart of London well this could be it. Champagne and Fromage really could be my new London secret, well that was until I shared it with you all. 

We had a really lovely time. 

Got a good London restaurant to share? 

Fromage and Cheese:
22 Wellington Street, 

0207 240 1604


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  1. I've heard great things about this place but never had a chance to visit. I really looks wonderful. I love the idea of putting two things together that people love and making such a simple concept restaurant.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Definitely putting cheese and champagne together in a restaurant is a winning combination x

  2. Love your Monday evening :-) We wouldn't have a clue about what champagne to choose? What made you opt for the Champagne Philippe Dechelle Brut? Sounds lovely :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  3. It was definitely a good start to the week. I love Pinot Noir and the Champagne picked went excellently with soft cheese. But the wonderful thing about Champagne and Fromage there is no pretension so they will help you select a champagne that goes with the food you are eating. By the glass you can't go wrong. Hope you are both well Lucy x

  4. This place sounds amazing! Champagne and cheese are two of my very favourite things! In fact, it's my husband's birthday on Thursday and we are planning to have champagne a baked camembert and other cheeses after a day out. x

    1. I have always wanted to try baked Camembert, I have eaten cold but my other half is not keen on warm cheese. Will have to do something to change that. Hope you, your husband and little girl have a great birthday day out, cheese and champagne feast. Lucy x

  5. Amazing photos, the food looks delicious!!

  6. I love cheese and champagne! We often do wine and cheese/olives nights at home, this place seems perfect. I'll have to make a mental note of it if I go to London anytime soon!

    Corinne x

    1. Cheese and champagne is the perfect combination. Saw your cheese post for your friends the chutney with cheese looked yum Lucy x

  7. It's great to get ideas on where to go for my next trip to London!
    Check out my blog if you're coming to LA!!
    XO Drea

    1. Well if you are ever in London I hope I have given you some ideas. Your blog is great foodie orientated like mine perfect. Lucy

    2. Oh you definitely have!!! I changed my blog to
      Look forward to seeing your next post!
      xo Drea

  8. The next time I'm in that part of town I will definitely check it out. You can always find me by the cheese board at parties ;) x

    1. Emma definitely try it out if in London was great and plenty choice of cheese Lucy