Wednesday 5 February 2014

The World's Brightest Candle

I have had a mixed start to the week and it is only Wednesday there have been real highs and then a real downer. One thing I can share with you, woman verses car door you don't come off well. 

However I now have a cool purple cast, I had lots of choice and the child in me had to hold back. What I really wanted was a strip of ever colour (Blue, pink, green, black, yellow, red and purple). The plastering man however didn't look pleased with that prospect. 

Well anyway on to my post...

I love lighting candles around the house both for their lovely glow and the wonderful aroma they give off.  My favourites are Jo Malone (Lime Basil and Madarin) £39 quite pricey but burns for 45 hours, Yankee favourites being black cherry and Bahama Breeze £16.99 and Sainsbury's TU orchid and sweet coconut £7.50

I recently tried a new candle from a company called PartyLite - GloLite Calm Waters.

The first thing you notice on opening the box is the beautiful blue shade the candle is. I can't really say I noticed any significant smell from the candle and the same was true on burning it. 

But when the candle is lit is comes into its own a beautiful warm and wonderful glow is emitted. 

I now understand why the candle is called GloLite. Light runs throughout the pillar of the candle and it radiates light. Within a room it gives off a beautiful warm glow. It definitely is the the brightest candle I have had but without the smell I certainly would not swap from my above firm favourites. 

What are your favourite brands and smells of candles? Or are you an oil or candle melts  fan?

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  1. Great review! i've never used those candles before but I do love Vanilla scented or Fruity scented candles! Thanks for sharing and hope you get better soon! Cool cast btw! :P

    1. Vanilla candles give off a lovely smell. Thank you for the get well message x

  2. Oh dear! How can you type with a cast on? (that would be my first thought if I broke my arm/hand, haha)

    Hope you get well soon, it's a pity the plaster man didn't let you have a strip of every colour. Boo.

    Corinne x

    1. Typing is a little bit of a challenge and to be honest as I have hurt my fingers too it takes specially manoeuvring to type. Thanks for the get well message should be fixed soon I hope. If the cast needs changing I will push for a strip of every colour. Lucy x

  3. Hey lovely, we've been very bad with keeping up with our favourite blogs recently, not enough hours in the day! Oh no! What have you done? Hope you're ok. Ooh the rainbow cast would have been cool too :-)

    You're right, the candle does give a warm glow, shame to hear about the scent. We do love Yankee candles; favourite smells are vanilla and fresh linen :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  4. I know that feeling well, being to busy chasing your tail and not having enough hours in the day. Hope you are both well?

    I'm fine thanks unfortunately broken my wrist but it will mend so no worries these things happen. Looking forward to seeing who won the eye make-up competition heading to your blog now. I will have to try Yankee fresh linen not tried that one, love the smell of fresh clothes :-)

    Lucy x