Friday 14 February 2014

Tangle Teezer

We've all been there when the wind whips up your locks into a blustery frenzy or you wake up with the bed hair from hell. 

As a child with thick long locks I remember well my mother trying her best to get tangles out of my hair. Try as she might and god did she try, some knots just wouldn't release themselves. I looked like the hair monster. 

In this situation she was left with very little choice but to cut them out. This in principle was fine if they were hidden or towards the bottom of my hair but when at the top of my head I spent much of my childhood looking like a gremlin with tufts of hair.

Now I know most of you reading this have heard of Tangle Teaser well this lass hadn't. Maybe if it had been round when I was a little my childhood could have been revolutionised. 

So on reading many other reviews about how amazing the Tangle Teezer is at getting tangles out I purchased myself one. Even better it is a British made product. 

Tangle Teezer

The brush its self went through my wet hair really easily and surprisingly released many of the knots that with a standard brush I would have had to fight with causing damage to my hair. 

The brush has different levels of bristles and possibly this is where it gets its magic from.  
Tangle Teezer

Now I have mentioned before I have thick hair and when using the brush on dry hair like a normal brush I have to say I was disappointed. The brush simply did not run through all my hair. It only brushed the top sections of my hair without going all the way through leaving knots. 

So while this brush has revolutionised brushing my hair when wet I won't be chucking away my everyday Kent Brush. I hope that Tangle Teezer will look at creating a brush that works for those of us with thick locks. 


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