Monday 7 May 2018

Peter Thomas Roth first impressions

Face Masks
Everyone's skin type is different so finding a face mask to perfect your skincare routine can be a challenge. It's taken me many years to understand that I have combination skin, my skin is mainly dry with my T zone (nose, forehead and chin) being slightly more oily. It's also prone to being sensitive.  

As a busy mum, face masks for me are a quick and easy way to pep up my skin. The Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic face masks (£72), a collection of five 150ml full sized pots in one collection represents real value for money. 
Face Masks
Blue Marine Algae (£34):This was the mask I was most looking forward to using, mainly as it states it has intensely hydrating properties, so perfect for my dry skin. 
Applying to the skin it is clear and has a gel like consistency which was cooling. After a while the gel tingles and gives a warming sensation on the skin. If you have sensitive skin then this face mask might not be for you. I personally didn't really like the sticky wet feeling that the Algae had and I saw absolutely no difference in the moisture of my skin post application. It's for this reason that I wouldn't repurchase. 

24K Gold Mask (£48): Probably the most intriguing and luxurious of the five masks with pure 24K gold and colloidal gold. 

Face Masks
The product looks incredibly pretty both in the pot and when applied to the skin as it gives off a wonderful shimmer. It claims to tighten the skin, lifting, firming and brightening. I can't say that my face felt lifted or firmer but it did have a smoother appearance and was refreshing. 

Cucumber Gel Mask (£28):My skin can sometimes get flushed and irritated, this cooling and hydrating face mask is perfect for refreshing the skin. With cucumber, aloe vera, papaya, pineapple and chamomile it has lots of soothing ingredients. 

I keep this face mask in the fridge so it is wonderful and cold, when applied the gel doesn't sting which makes it perfect for sensitive skin and can even be placed under the eyes. 

Face Mask
I can't say I saw any major changes in the hydration of my skin after use but I am sure it will be loved in the Summer months to sooth and calm a sun kissed face. 

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask(£42):The first thing that you notice on opening the face mask is the smell of pumpkin spice, definitely reminiscent of Christmas. 
Peter Thomas Roth
Applying the face mask you instantly notice that it has a thicker grainier consistency, you can feel it working with a tingly sensation. I have to point out at this point if you have really sensitive skin, I am not sure this is the mask for you. I personally had no problems, but it is an exfoliate so slightly stronger and will easily remove dead skin. I really loved this face mask as it evened out my complexion and my skin felt smoother.   

It can be quite a stripping face mask so I will use this once a month to pick my skin up.  

Irish Moor Mud: Unless you have been living under a rock I am sure you are all aware of the major hype there has been in the last couple of months about charcoal activated face masks. I don't know about you, but I have been taking serious pleasure in watching people on YouTube making their eyes water, pealing them off to reveal loads of rubbish and tons of blackheads. 
Face Masks
The consistency and texture of this face mask is different, it is smooth to apply remains fairly translucent and does not dry. The product has very little smell and definitely not anything reminiscent of a moor. I did find that it was slightly tingly, but I personally like this as it feels like it is doing something.

This was the only mask out of the five, that I found value in the removal tool. 
Face Masks
The tool was nifty at removing stubborn parts around the nose, eyes and hairline. This mask was by far my favourite out of the five, on removal my skin instantly looked refreshed and has worked well to remove spots around my T-zone. 

Overall the box set represents great value for money and a wonderful way to try many of the Perter Thomas Roth face masks. Out of the five I will only most likely repurchase the pumpkin enzyme mask and Irish moor mud, both of which over longer usage have done wonders for bringing a tired mothers skin back to life with little investment and time on my behalf. 

Since purchasing this box set, Peter Thomas Roth has released a smaller sample size with six travel versions (£24) which you can find here. Each tube has between two/three applications a perfect way to try them out. 

Have you tried any Peter Thomas Roth products? What are your skin care recommendations and tips? Share in the comments below. 

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  1. The Irish Moor Mud Mask sounds good. I remember having some Peter Thomas Roth glycolic pads a few years ago that were quite effective too

    1. It was of the better masks out of the set.

  2. Wow the packaging is so unique! Not your typical packaging for a beauty product. Makes it eyecatching!

    Corinne x

    1. That’s probably what enticed me to it Lucy x