Monday 13 November 2017

Winter beauty treats

Whilst being pregnant I suffered with horrendous sickness, smells of any kind made me sick. So I waved goodbye to the majority of my beauty products, perfumes and bathing treats with any kind of scent.

But slowly, slowly I am bringing them back. Prior to pregnancy I loved Rituals products, so with winter upon us I decided it was time to mix things up and try some products I haven't tried.

As you know I like to put things through their paces before I share them, so I’ve been using these little beauties for a few months.

The Ritual of Sakura scented candle (£21.50). 

Who doesn’t love a candle? From October onwards I love burning candles and if they have a wonderful scent all the better. Who would have thought rice milk and Cherry blossom could smell so divine in a candle. This beauty sends a wonderful floral aroma all around the house. The best bit is it lasts for over fifty hours. 
The Ritual of Sakura bath foam (£13.50). The first thing to say is you get a huge bottle. After a tough day this beauty is perfect for making the cosy bath. It smells lovely with cherry wafting through the room and creates luscious thick bubbles. 
My only complaint is with the packaging. The lid which has a wooden overlay within a week had completely come away, leaving behind it a white plastic lid with a horrible glue residue. The packaging just doesn’t work for a humid space like a bathroom. I had the delight of unscrewing it and getting sticky hands until it ran out; luckily I was in the right place to give them a clean. 

The Ritual of Sakura shower foam (£8.50). 

Foaming shower gels feel like a bit of a fad and I can never distribute the right amount; but I love how they feel silky on the skin, which is perfect for shaving your legs and the scent seems to last longer than traditional gels too. So if you are looking for something a bit more luxurious than a standard gel, then you will be pleased that you chose to try this.

The Ritual of Sakura body cream (£19.50). 

What can I say other than this is a wonderful find. A thick and luscious cream, a treat to apply and perfect at hydrating my skin leaving it super soft. A small amount goes a long way; it absorbs really easily and there is no greasiness so when I’m in a hurry I can get dressed straight away. Best of all I’m left with wonderfully moisturised skin with a subtle scent of cherries. 

I hope that this has given you some Christmas gift inspiration. Rituals have loads of gift sets so check out their website. 

What Rituals recommendations would you make? 

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  1. These all look stunning. I love foaming shower gel. I've had the issue with wooden lids before on Nanobay products :(

    Corinne x

    1. The products lovely so wouldn’t stop me buying and hopefully they will change it going forward Lucy x

  2. I really like Rituals products, these sound lovely! Hopefully they'll fix the bath foam packaging soon xx