Monday 31 July 2017

Pixi Double Cleanse

Pixi Double Cleanse
Last year the UK Beauty Industry was worth a whopping £4 billion in sales. In a crowded market place it can be difficult to know what's worth the hype and what's not. I'm really selective with my skincare purchases, opting to shell out more for a few outstanding products rather than filling up the bathroom cabinet with stuff I will most likely never use. 

As we all know I don't have much time for a skincare regime. I've got better as I've got older, in part for fear that my face will collapse outwards and start resembling the wrinkles of a Pug. But that said my skincare routine still leaves a lot to be desired. 

I've tried and really liked a few Pixi Beauty products over the years.
They first featured on my blog last year (you can check out the post here). If you haven't heard the hype about the partnership between Pixi and beauty guru Caroline Hirons (Facialist, Skincare Expert and Blogger) collaborating on the Double Cleanse (£23) then you must have been living in a cave.
Pixi Beauty
On a personal side note I really love Caroline because of her no nonsense attitude to skincare. She tells it like it is and if anything is recommended by her you know it is based on years worth of experience in the beauty industry. So with that said I had high expectations and hopes for Double Cleanse. 

The concept of having two cleansers in one product seemed great.
Pixi Beauty
The first step to using the product is taking a coined sized portion of the solid cleansing oil and rubbing onto a dry face. I found that the product was brilliant for taking off my makeup. The product has no scent so great for sensitive skin. 

Once the product is rubbed in, use a damp facecloth to take it off. I personally prefer using a muslin to take the cleanser off. The feel of the product is remarkably similar in consistency to the Clinique - Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (£24).  

The second step is using a coin size of the cleansing cream, massaging thoroughly in and again removing with a damp cloth. 

So what did I think...

The Pros:
I like that it is easy to use and that you have a clear stepped process to cleansing.

The cleansing cream is incredibly lite which for me I loved, but for some people I imagine this will not be what you expect and some might want something thicker. 

The ingredients are 100% cruelty free; this product also uses wonderfully moisturising Avocado, Macadamia and Evening Primrose oil. 

I loved how my face felt thoroughly cleaned after using the double cleanse. After a few weeks of use I noticed the difference in my skin which looked brighter, with less spots and wasn't dehydrated. 

I absolutely hate the packaging which is bulky, ridiculous for travelling as the cleansing cream spills onto the top of the lid and into the cleansing oil. This is definitely style over the considered use for the product. 

If like me you don't use makeup everyday you will find you go through the cleansing cream quicker. I am now left with a third of the solid cleansing oil which is slightly frustrating. I hope that they will consider releasing the two products separately at some point.

For those amongst us who worry about bacteria, I would have liked a spatula in the product to decant. But I guess given that your using it daily, the product will be gone in just over a month therefore not a deal breaker. 

In conclusion I would definitely buy this product again; it's reasonably priced and makes double cleansing an easy joy. I do however have the Emma Hardy Amazing Face (£39) on the wish list, so who knows if it will survive in my must haves. I will let you know in a few months when purchased and reviewed.

Any good suggestions for cleansers or beauty products I need to add to my shortlist?


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  1. I didn't know they had been doing some products with caroline! I'd love to do something like that one day haha.

    I always like the packaging of pixi products.

    Corinne x

  2. She's the perfect person, what she doesn't know about skincare isn't worth knowing. The packaging looks lovely just for some products not practical. The Double Cleanse packaging is so bulky and the products leak across each other when travelling Lucy x

  3. I'm intrigued by the double cleansing ritual and I like the idea of using oil though the packaging does look a bit impractical - thanks for your honest review

    1. I can recommend the double cleanse has brightened my skin and great for removing makeup Lucy x

  4. I love Pixi! I really like how balanced this review is, I'm not sure if I'd buy it but the cleansing oil does sound lovely :) xx


    1. It's done wonders for my skin, I like that it's not perfumed too. Just hate the packaging Lucy x

  5. Ah that is super annoying about it not being sold separately. I always end up using one product more than the other when that happens.

    Ash |

    1. I am sure at some point they will sell them separately and I can't wait till they do Lucy x