Friday 1 July 2016

My Little Box April and May

Monthly subscriptions
This post marks the end of my six month subscription to My Little Box. For those of you who haven't heard of My Little Box, it's a monthly subscription box from France that shares the best beauty, fashion and lifestyle picks delivered right to your door.

If you haven't read my previous reviews on the boxes you can do so here:

This post is a review of April and May's subscription boxes. Sorry that they are late, but Noah is currently teething and finding any time to do anything is proving really difficult. Who would have thought that teeth could cause such havoc! 
New Mum
More havoc is on the way as Noah is now on the move! Yes life is about to change forever the little man is into everything and nothing is safe. As a baby begins crawling you suddenly see your calm tranquil flat as a lethal danger zone. My little box being one of them, now sitting on a slightly higher shelf.

Well on with the review. April's subscription box was themed around "Flowers", supposedly celebrating the change in season. Although in the UK we haven't seen much sunshine just rain.
Subscription Boxes
The items for this months offerings came in an illustrated book design, tied with a lovely ribbon at the side. Personally I liked the alternative packaging, it's a nice touch and means that the box can be reused to store other goods. I plan on using mine for nail varnishes.

Living in a flat in London growing plants and flowers is a bit of a logistical challenge. So the inclusion of this pretty small pop up garden (£7) was lovely. 

My Little Box
I look forward to seeing if anything will grow.

The addition of a travel pouch designed in collaboration with Balzac Paris for lingerie (£13) is perfect for carrying my underwear on holiday or as a bikini bag. I love how all the illustrations throughout tie together with each product. 
My Little Box as a rule generally include lots of their own beauty products (not a bad thing), but this month I was pleased to have two products from alternative brands to try out. 
Beauty Bloggers
I love products that are citrus or floral in scent. So when I saw this L'Occitane's cherry blossom trial size body wash (£15), I was pleased and looking forward to trying it out. 
Subscription boxes
Oh my, this shower gel smells divine and is a definite repurchase. The scent is clean, fresh and lasts all day. Now I know some people don't like sample sizes in subscription boxes but for me they are the perfect size for taking away. 

As a rule I don't buy base coat nail varnishes, so the inclusion of the Nails inc Base Coat with Kensington Caviar polish (£15) was at first a little disappointing. But having tried it I take it back. 

Using this base coat before my normal nail varnish I'm pleased to report makes my nail varnish last longer, definitely less chipping and secondly my actual nails feel more nourished.  

The last and final product in the box was the My Little Corner Rosy Mornings Detoxifying mask (£11).
Rosy Mornings Detoxifying mask
High in vitamin C this is the perfect mask to freshen up your face for summer. I personally prefer a thicker consistency in a mask so that I can see where it has been applied. 

So onto May's box, which for me was the best box I have received out of my six month subscription. I absolutely loved it.

The "Dolce Vita" box. 
My Little Box  Dolce Vita
Slightly ironic that this French company produces an Italian box celebrating the best of Italy. 
Gift ideas
After Brexit, I don't think we'll be seeing a celebratory English box soon. 

First up in the box was what the My Little Box team have termed a turban! Its a headband (£11). 
My Little Box
Now this will very much be down to personal taste as to whether you like this headband. I personally loved it, but it has had mixed reviews. 

I like that the box has some ideas for the different ways in which it can be worn and the pattern is really pretty.
My Little Box
I will definitely be using mine when on holiday on the beach and around the pool. 

One of my favourite items out of this months subscription box has to be this leaf ring (£12).
Subscription Boxes
Whilst this obviously isn't gold, as a dress up ring I really like it. I've worn mine constantly since I got it and I'm pleased to report no horrible reaction so it must be nickle free and my finger hasn't gone green. Well not yet anyway! 

Croisière Cèladon body oil Baija (€16.90) a semi-dry oil with a lovely delicate scent of fragrant green tea and jasmine.
Last minute gifts
I really like the delicate scent that this product has, which is lovely and refreshing. I have used mine both as a perfume and as an oil to moisturise my skin before a shower. 

The Little Corner product this month was the Summer Sunbathing illuminating moisturiser for legs (£8).
Birthday present ideas
I can't say that I use fake tan mainly for fear of turning into an orange Oompa Loompa. But this is a gradual self-tanner for the legs. I'm working my way up to using it so can't comment on how good it is. However, it does smell of sweeties, so thumbs up there. 

The final product included in the box was the La Fille de l'Air (€69) from France's legendary House of Courrèges. 
Gift Ideas
Now this perfume smells divine with scents of bergamot and orange blossom. To be honest it is my perfect scent, when I visit France next I will 
definitely be purchasing a bottle. 

This post marks the end of my subscriptions and I must admit I am quite sad to see it come to an end, the monthly boxes have been lovely and I've really enjoyed the variety of products that have come in each box. 

What would be your favourite item? Any suggestions for an alternative subscription box to try? 

My Little Box is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle subscription delivered straight to your door for £11 (+ £3.95 PP) per month.

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  1. Lucy, I love this little man! Thank you very much for sharing this adorable photo. Omg he is just so adorable! Do you have Instagram account? Maybe you share more photos there?

    Wishing you a super weekend ahead, Liuba x

    1. I hope that you and your little man are doing well. I have Instagram but don't really use it. I need to post more regularly on it but with a little one finding time is very difficult as you will know yourself Lucy x

  2. Noah just keeps growing - still incredibly cute, he has such a lovely smile! I really like the sound of the body oil in the Dolce Vita box and your comment about there not being an English box after Brexit made me crack up! xx


    1. He is getting big so quickly time is just flying by. The oil is lovely smells divine Lucy x

  3. What gorgeous packaging, and I love the turban, pop up card and travel pouch

    1. They always have the best selection of products it is a great subscription box Lucy x

  4. Wow, both of these are wonderful boxes! I think I slightly prefer the April box though as I love all things floral and the underwear/bikini bag is such a fab idea! Glad you & little Noah are doing well :D

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. The floral box is lovely and the bikini bag I can see me getting lots of use out of it Lucy x

  5. I guess it is a little weird they've done an Italian box! Noah is such a little cutie, he looks so cheeky now!

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks Corrinne he is growing so quickly x

  6. Ahahaha no there certainly won't be a Britain box ever. Bloody Brexit. Anyway, this is not a political arena. I love the Rome box, what a gorgeous theme (I would though wouldn't I...) and aww I can't believe he's crawling already! How exciting (and stressful I guess!) for you :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua : Food | Travel | Italy

    1. I think you wouldn't be alone Lucy in loving it. I thought it was a great box. A crawling Noah adds a whole new dimension, I now have to have eyes in the back of my head Lucy x