Friday 17 October 2014

Brixton Flavours - tasting tour

Brixton Flavour
Laying back FoodieForce closed her eyes and dreamt a wonderful dream, one which existed entirely of food. In just one evening FoodieForce got to experience 20 wonderful restaurants through a tasting tour, testing out their wonderful offerings.

The best bit however was that I was in fact awake and experiencing my dream. You have the opportunity to enjoy it too. 

On Sunday 26th October, 2014 (11am-7.30pm) a new culinary feast will be born. Brixton Flavours is a brand new, one day food festival that will take place in and around Brixton Village

Brixton Flavours

Tickets cost £15 and will give visitors the opportunity to sample food from over 22 local restaurants and popups with one ticket. In addition you get £15 Brixton pounds (B£) the price of your ticket to spend in any of the 22 restaurants, eateries and bars to try secret dishes and special discounts on food and drink. 
Brixton Pound

On Wednesday night I went to sample the offerings, through a tasting tour. Buckle up your seat belt you are in for a treat.

Our evening started at Satay - Cocktail bar and restaurant. The evening was off to a good foodie start with Prawn Tempura, Soft Shell crab and Chicken Satay. The soft shell crab was perfectly cooked and whilst crispy on the outside had retained a wonderful soft crab texture inside. 
Satay Restaurant

Next up was the Wine Parlour owned by Chix and Dan. The Parlour offers wine by the glass and bottle, you won't find their offerings in any supermarket 
they pride themselves on finding unusual wines. They have just launched their own make from Jurançon sec region. The wine had wonderful aromas of pear, apricot and grapefruit.    
The wine Parlour

At the back of the wine parlour Chix runs wine tasting evenings whilst also displaying local art for sale. 

They also have an Enomatic wine preservation machine where you have some premium wines available for sampling.
Next up was Courtesan Dim Sum, offering the finery of the Chinese empire with the serving of wonderful Sui Mai and Pork Char sui buns. 
Courtesan Dim Sum
During dinner we were beautifully serenaded by Holly, Beth and Samuel from Bitesize opera.  
Bitesize opera
Bitesize opera
Whilst FoodieForce was having a little rest the food kept on coming, Ichiban Sushi offered a selection of Sushi Tuna and Salmon makizushi rolls. 
Ichiban Sushi
One of the highlights of the night for me had to be Parissi a new cafe in Brixton selling coffee and handmade cakes. Now these chocolate brownies were so wonderfully gooey and nutty perfect. 
I will most definitely be back to visit Parissi and sample some more of their offerings. I have no doubt that they will do really well. 

Now you all know how much I love my food, but even I at this point was struggling. I almost needed to be rolled onto the next venue. Next up was Brindisa.
Brindisa Brixton
Jamon to the Spanish is like caviar to the French and Brindisa doesn't fail to disappoint, offering some wonderful Serrano, Chorizo, Salchicon and Bellota hams. 

Now you all know that I love my savoury pancakes, so when I learnt that Senzala Crêpe bar and cafe was also involved I was excited to give them a go. 

They don't disappoint, the Goat cheese, baby leaf spinach, black olives, cherry tomatoes and mixed herbs, drizzled with garlic oil was a definite highlight.

Brixton Flavour is a wonderful idea as a community project, with 80% of the revenue going back to the local area and eateries I wish it lots of luck. 

Come and share your love for food and visit Brixton. Make sure however that you go hungry! There will be some wonderful foods on offer for you to devour your way through. You'll have to be quick though as tickets are selling fast. 

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  1. A tasting tour! Amazing! We like the look of the wine parlour.

    The one day food festival sounds like a great idea and one which will likely to be around for many more years to come. Hope you have a lovely time next Sunday :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. I really love food festivals as it is a great way to try new food all in one place. Hope you are both ok and enjoying the weekend Lucy x

  2. Oh man the food at Brindisa seems amazing! I love that type of food. Nom nom, I bet you were stuffed after all that!

    Corinne x

  3. Brindisa is exactly the sort of food I love. I could eat my body weight in parma ham, sure I was Italian in a previous life. This event was like speed dating with food Lucy x

  4. Wow, this is such an amazing idea and all looks so good! Added it to my list of things to do, along with many others I've got from your blog :D

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. The food really was lovely and the chance to try little bits really appeals. It's a good way to find out places that are good that you can return too Lucy x

  5. What a good idea! This looks like such a fun event, I'm feeling so hungry now! It all sounds delish, especially the food at Satay x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. It is a great idea and I think this will be the first of many years to come Lucy x

  6. Oh my word! This would have to stay a dream for awhile for me. I would gain so much weight just eating those brownies and enjoying the variety of food, and trust me I would definitely be eating it all. Thanks for letting me live food dreams vicariously through this blog.

    1. That is the drawback to so much food. Definetly need to invest in membership Lucy x

  7. What a fabulous tour!!!! I would be in heaven at that wine parlour!!! I wish we had these sorts of events where I live, but everyone here only likes southern barbeque, fried fish, and bad Chinese food :(

  8. The wine parlour I will definitely be going back too they do tasting boards with wine. Maybe there is a business opportunity for you to set up foodie treats Lucy x

  9. This sounds RIGHT up my street. YAY ALL THE FOOD!!! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

    1. Foodie events with lots of goodies to try in one place are right up my street. Lucy x

  10. Bitesize Opera must have been fun, what a great evening!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. Being serenaded whilst eating is a new firm favourite they were extremely talented Lucy x

  11. This sounds amazing! The brownies and the sushi look so good, although when I read 'Ichiban' I did think of the 'lipstick for men' in Friends haha xx


    1. The brownies were wonderful. Reading your comment make me chuckle. I haven't noticed that but you are right Lucy x