Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas relaxation - part 2

Christmas is the time of year that every foodie loves. Why? Food, food and more food with no guilt or very little at least.

I started my day with my eyes and tummy set on these two friends.

But some exercise is needed between courses. So I started my day with a walk into the nearest town Scorton. 

The walk was along beautiful countryside and I met some of Dolly's friends along the way. I sent them all her love.

All this walking I was beginning to build up an appetite but the inn along route wasn't quite what I had in mind for a nice lunch. 

So we carried on through the wind and rain. I was pleased when in the distance I saw...

Scorton is a picturesque  quintessentially village, with warm and friendly people.

The need to get out of the horrible rain was paramount so we ventured into The
Barn. Pleased to share this wasn't an old shack but a lovely garden centre with cafe onsite.

I settled for something nice and warming.

The dessert was as good as the main. 

It was true to its Devonshire routes.

Loads of cream followed by lashings of jam. Yummy.

Contented we set back off home to walk off all the food we had eaten. 

I decided to catch my own Christmas dinner but as I couldn't even shoot a clay pigeon the turkey had nothing to worry about. 

After all the preparation, Christmas is finally here and like a small child I am mightily excited. 

Merry Christmas everyone. 

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  1. Fab post - that scone looks wonderful! I'm pleased to see you are a cream first, then jam kinda girl!


  2. Absolutely thanks for stopping by Rachel