Monday, 4 September 2017

The ultimate Lemon, Lime and Garlic Chicken Salad

Chicken recipe
I have been perfecting my Lemon, Lime and Garlic Chicken since I started cooking. Its simple to make, really tasty and will impress any dinner guest. 

The possibilities of accompanying sides is endless, which means you won't get bored of making it. My personal favourite is artichoke, Feta and mint salad but rice goes equally as well.

For the chicken recipe you will need the following: 
Lemon, Lime and Garlic Chicken
It serves two as a main meal, four as a starter and it can be made in under 30 mins.
Chicken recipe
So lets get started...

1.Take two cloves of Garlic and finely chop. 
Chicken Recipe

2. Take two chicken breasts and dice. 
Chicken Recipes
3.Juice one Lemon. Seasoning is very personal, I love my chicken zinging so always juice to taste.
Chicken Recipe
4.Juice one Lime. Again seasoning is personal so add to your desired taste.  
Chicken Recipe
5.Pour 1 tbsp of oil in a frying pan and heat on the hob on a high heat. Add the Garlic, Lemon, Lime and Chicken. Stir continuously until the Chicken is cooked and the juices run clear (roughly twenty minutes). The chicken should have a golden coating when complete. 
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To make the salad to accompany the chicken you will need:
Salad Recipe
Salad Recipe
1. Take one lettuce and chop 
Salad Recipe
2. Take five cherry tomatoes slice into quarters
Salad Recipes
3. Chop one Avocado 
Avocado Salad
4. Measure out 100 grams of Pomegranate seeds. I find de-seeding a Pomegranate therapeutic but if short of time buy ready made.  
Salad recipe
5.You will need 180 grams of Artichoke Hearts. Now I personally cannot be bothered to boil Artichoke Hearts so buy mine ready made, but the choice is yours.
Salad Recipe
6. Three mint sprigs finely chopped 
Salad Recipes
7. Two spring onions chopped 
Easy Salad Recipes
8. 200 grams of Greek Feta Cheese 
Salad Recipes
Mix all ingredients together in one big bowl. 
Salad Recipes
Need something more visual check out my video:

Decant the salad and top with the Lemon, Lime and Garlic Chicken.
Chicken Recipe
Have a try cooking it this weekend, you won't be disappointed. 

Do you have any good recipes to share? Or anything that you would like me to cook?

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